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Partner visa

Who said miracles don’t happen?

Currently, the Department made a decision on Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) visa applications and visas have been granted on a total of 11 business days. It is remarkable to see these days, we believe that well prepared supporting documents is the key. If you need us to assist you with your partner visa application, we will provide you with our best experience.

Do you need our help if you face a family violence while holding a Temporary Partner, or Fiancée visas?

There are special provisions have been included in the Migration Regulations which allow provisional Partner and Fiancée visa holders to bypass the two year provisional period and immediately become permanent residents in the event of death of the sponsor or the commission of family violence by the sponsor against the temporary visa holding applicant.

Can unlawful non-citizen apply for a Partner visa?

If you think you have any compelling reasons, we can assist you.

07 Jul 16 01:15