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What is a Statutory Declaration and how can I get one?

A Statutory Declaration is a legal document, in which you declare that a statement is true. It has to be witnessed by an authorised person. Please refer to the Attorney General website for information about the Statutory Declarations if you are applying within Australia.

Is case officer is a final decision maker?

Delegated powers are not restricted

The power to grant or refuse a visa, if delegated, is not limited to any particular classes of visa. An officer (delegate) who has the power to grant or refuse a temporary, for example, has the power to grant or refuse a permanent visa.

However, this does not mean that a delegate necessarily has a duty to grant or refuse visas. It is administrative policy, for example, that certain delegates may be given functional responsibilities that in practice limit their powers to certain visa classes.

For example, locally-engaged staff at overseas posts may be limited to granting or refusing certain classes of temporary visa. As well, situations may arise where the Minister of the day may otherwise indicate that only the Minister personally may grant or refuse certain visas.

07 Jul 16 01:33