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Australian citizenship application

Good Character or not has an effect on the application for citizenship.

According to section 21(2)(h) of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth) (the Citizenship Act), which provides as follows:
(2) a person is eligible to become an Australian citizen if the Minister is satisfied that the person:
(h) is of good character at the time of the Minister’s decision on the application.
There was a case that the DIBP refused the application for citizenship because of client’s behaviour of identity fraud. This applicant has an ongoing of this behaviour over a period of time which suggests that he is not of good character.
The applicant had also failed to provide any character references. The applicant had not provided any information regarding his current circumstances, employment or status in the community which all weighed against him being of good character in the view of the DIBP. Accordingly, the DIBP could not be satisfied that the applicant had a good reputation in the community at the time of the decision.

30 Aug 16 01:50